Phelicity Marie Dauphine
April 25, 1992 / October 5, 2011

Phelicity was flown to Rainbow Bridge on the wings of a multitude of kitty angels October 5th.
She was 19 years old, her mom's last and most precious baby.
I will always love you, my littlest angel.

Please visit Phelicity's Memorial Page

The Kitty Angels Come

Phelicity is with the Kitty Angels


Her index page will be kept here just as it was.

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Please read my new poem, When I Was Seventeen

In memory of my sisfur Mewsette,
April 4, 1986 - January 17, 2006

Please see our special pages fur Mewsette right after mine.
Thank mew.

Please click here to visit:

Mewsette's 21st Birthday Remembrance April 4, 2007

Mewsette's One Year Remembrance January 17, 2007

A Christmas Wreath fur Mewsette

and At Christmas: The Kitty Angels

Mewsette's Angel Page fur her 20th birthday

My poem fur Mewsette, Girl in the Mountain

Mewsette's Memorial, A Beautiful Life

Mewsette's Candle in the Wind

Mewsette's own pages are listed on "HOME: The Catique Cats",
the link at the bottom of this page.

Cat Mountain Events

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It's January, it's winter, it's cold, and that meant only one thing. It was time fur us to get away fur a vacation on a sunny beach in da Bahamas - CAT ISLAND! (2009)Click here to join us:

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Cat Mountain Kitties Summer Vacation Train trip 2007

Cat Mountain Kitties at the County Fair 2006

The Ballerinas

UPDATE October 2012

The Cat mountain website is now closed, but some of their special events are moved here to Sharon's Catique and linked above. I will add to them as I can.

Please remember our Cat Mountain Kitties always.
E.T. is still with us. Mewsette, Phelicity and Ginger have gone on
to Rainbow Bridge and wait for us there.
We miss you so much, our precious girls.

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