Oh Promise Me, a Kitty Operetta

      ACT ONE

      1. Girl

      Oh, promise me that someday very soon
      We'll ride a magic carpet to the moon.
      But if that carpet doesn't want to fly,
      We'll watch the moon together rising high.
      The glow, all shimmery and silver bright,
      Will light our faces in the soft warm night,
      So all the love in mine is there to see,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      2. First boy

      Oh, promise me that someday mew and I
      Will dance beneath a soft and starry sky.
      But if the music stops or fades away,
      You'll dance for me until the break of day.
      Reach up your paw so mew can touch my face,
      And see me blushing at your charm and grace,
      So mew can tell how much mew mean to me,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      3. Girl

      Oh, promise me that in some garden's shade
      We'll sit together on the bench mew made,
      Our faces close, our whiskers all entwined,
      The beating of our hearts a brand new kind.
      Then if mew're shy and don't know what to say,
      My eyes will tell mew in the softest way,
      My love is sweet, my love's furever true,
      Oh promise me, I promise mew.

      4. Second boy

      Oh, promise me because you are so sweet,
      I've come to lay an orchid at your feet,
      A pretty blue-eyed girl I think is cool,
      Who makes me blush and stammer like a fool.
      I got so worried when you'd hesitate,
      Cuz I sure wanted you to be my date,
      And maybe I'm the one it's meant to be,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      5. Girl

      Oh, promise me that mew will be a friend,
      Be patient if mew think that I pretend,
      Fur I will nefur fool mew, or insist
      That mew are furry easy to resist.
      I've loved another fur a long, long time,
      And love is sad as much as it's sublime,
      So I can't give my heart so easily,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      6. Girlfriends

      Oh promise me that mew won't make mistakes,
      And spread your little heart until it breaks.
      Be careful of the things mew say and do,
      If number one is watching number two.
      Don't be too rushed, or let a new boy think
      That mew could effur be another's wink,
      But if mew date, don't do it secretly,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      7. Girl

      Oh promise me the waiting will be done,
      And I can call him mine, the only one
      I efur gave my heart or gave a kiss,
      I didn't know that it might hurt like this.
      But if I can't, I'll leave my corner there,
      And go have fun as long as I am fair,
      Fur what another asks, I cannot be,
      I promise mew, oh promise me.

      8. First boy

      Oh, promise me that mew can understand,
      If things don't come to pass the way mew planned,
      And it's so big, there's room within my heart
      To love two girls together or apart,
      I get confused, but I don't want mew sad,
      We'll all be friends and that will make us glad.
      I do adore mew, surely mew can see,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      9. Girl

      Oh promise me that I'll get through this Spring.
      While being pulled apart and everything.
      I know enough to come in from the rain,
      Would any kitty venture to explain,
      What can I do, I've been so brazen now,
      If he resists me still, I don't know how.
      I wants a wink, one who belongs to me
      And I to him! Oh, promise me.

      10. Second boy

      Oh, promise me we'll have a second date.
      I'll treat you tenderly, it will be great.
      I want to take you places that are new,
      And make your heart be happy, not so blue.
      I don't believe that you should be alone,
      Because I want you for my very own,
      And this I'm wishing that you'll come to see,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      11. Girl

      Oh, promise me that I did not do wrong,
      My feelings fur another are too strong.
      I'll dance fur mew, it's fun while we are there.
      But if he calls, I'll follow anywhere.
      And that's not how a girlfriend ought to do,
      You're far too sweet to be unfair to mew.
      A girl in love is not a girl who's free.
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      12. Big sisfur

      Oh, promise me that mew will get a grip,
      Come join us fur a fun and happy trip!
      Your little heart should not be sad and sore.
      That's not what loving other cats is for.
      Romance is risky, when it's said and done,
      Is love from many more than love from one?
      You'll see it's better, and that I agree,
      Oh, come on baby, promise me.

      ACT TWO

      13. Girl

      Oh, promise me that I behaved so well
      That if it's more than flirting, he can't tell.
      I had a lovely time, I ran around,
      He couldn't hear my heart begin to pound.
      But when I'm near him, then it's hard to doubt
      He'd take my paw in his if I reached out,
      That yet I might be winked and suddenly,
      If only he could promise me.

      14. Big Sisfur

      Oh, promise me and listen to my voice,
      Mew can't expect the boy to make a choice.
      I love him like a brother, but he knows
      I want to be there everywhere he goes.
      Mew see, it's two of us and we've been blessed
      To have a friendship that could take the test.
      So now mew must accept the quest is through.
      He promised me and promised mew.

      15. Girl

      Oh, promise me when he is by my side,
      That I'll be still, remembering my pride.
      It's time I ought to put away my dreams,
      But this is not as simple as it seems.
      I've got to face it, as the wiles I've used
      Come back to haunt me, I have been refused.
      So I'll accept the way it has to be.
      Oh, promise me if it must be.

      16. Second Boy

      Oh promise me that we can try again.
      I'll be a better date than I was then.
      For I was lost in wonder in your eyes,
      So innocent, so gentle and so wise.
      And somehow I can tell there's been a change.
      You see me now and I don't look as strange.
      My heart is yours because my heart is free.
      Oh, promise me, oh promise me.

      17. Girl

      Oh, promise me I never will forget
      The happiness and hope he gave me, yet
      All my little wishes were sublime,
      If only I had cared for them in time.
      Romance was lovely as a song I've sung,
      But I forgot I was no longer young.
      It passed me by, please go and let me be.
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      18. All

      Oh, promise me, for love can break your heart,
      Believe it's wiser if you never start.
      And making such commitment to your own,
      To lose your hope may turn your heart to stone.
      If dreams won't happen and you let them rule,
      They die and leave you feeling like a fool.
      It must have never meant to be, you see,
      Oh promise me, oh promise me.

      The Last Encore


      Oh promise me the tears that dim my eyes
      Will leave me soon, and I will be more wise.
      I wrote him lovesongs from my deepest heart,
      And cried to sing them from so far apart.
      The precious mem'ries and the joy I've known
      Will come to comfort me when I'm alone,
      And I'll rememfur how my dreams came true!
      I danced wif mew, I danced wif mew!

      Oh promise me I wasn't always wrong
      The times I felt his love fur me so strong.
      I've been adored and I've been sweetly woo'd.
      I'm not a girl to sit around and brood.
      I see the signs when they are hard to miss,
      I know when I haf had my last real kiss.
      I feel the romance, and it's plain to see,
      It's come at last but not fur me.

      Oh promise me, fur this is how it ends,
      He loves my sisfur, and we're dearest friends.
      She thought he nefur could make up his mind,
      When he had done it, she was being blind.
      I saw her on the day she finally knew,
      Her love washed over her so strong and true,
      She's so in love that she can barely see,
      And it's furefur, promise me.

      Oh promise me that mew will love her true,
      Be good to her because I love her, too.
      And all the time I thought I had a chance,
      I've treasured every kiss and every dance.
      It's only this can make my bubble burst,
      Mew loved her always and mew loved her first.
      Before she knew it, dear one, I could see.
      I smile fur mew, oh promise me.

      The end

2004-2005 the Catique Cats, by Phelicity Marie Dauphine