Phelicity's Philosophy

Phelicity's philosophy
is simple as it has to be,
From kitten to maturity,
her wisdom reached a peak.
The comfort level of her purr
exists in no one else but her
But it's the little flourishes
that make her so unique.

Phelicity phonetically
is like a foreign entity,
Unless she's in the mood to be
a loud and cockney cat.
Then her Eliza resonates,
from rafters it reverberates,
For none can do Eliza like
Phelicity, that's that!

Phelicity's velocity
was once an awesome thing to see.
A racecar going warp speed, she
would race the kitchen floor,
To show her animosity
for sins omission-like by me,
And tear across linoleum
to Splat! into a door.

Phelicity's felonious,
but only with an audience.
She rolls the pens off tables and
the rings from dresser top.
How innocent! Why, just observe
her little face, the verve, the nerve,
The satisfaction she deserves.
Attention makes her stop.

Phelicity, philanthropist,
was always high upon her list.
Sharing, caring, never bearing
pampering alone.
Insisting on equality
for all the housecats she could see,
She looked to see if all had treats
before she took her own.

Phelicity the Pharisee
is strict about her piety,
Far Eastern golden goddess-like
her origins arise.
But oh, she sayeth furrily,
the goddess looks a lot like me.
all feminine and gorgeous, she,
and sparkle-ey blue eyes.

And she believes in monarchy,
benevolent theocracy,
But practices democracy -
while she's no feline fool.
To recognize dependency
on such a lower form as me,
She sweetly finds acceptable
As long as she can rule.

Phelicity's philosophy
should work as well for you or me,
Not quietly in years gone by,
but calmly as we age.
While in the fullness of her years,
she demonstrates a lack of fears,
A larger heart, a deeper love,
Phelicity the sage.

copyright 2008 by Sharon Goodman

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