Phelicity's New Pictures

This is a new version of an older picture.

And a newer picture in an older frame I like.

Two recent ones framed in brite flowers. I likes dem, too.

And here I am in my fafurite bran new hats. I got dem at Le Chic Chat Chapeau,
the elegant hat shoppe I co-own wif Ginger.

But it's time fur some new pictures! I helped wif this one, I framed myself inna bag. Hmmmmm, not furry fancy tho.

How bout a liddle bitty basket I got my whole self into?
I really would cwopurrate better when I sees my mom wif a camera, if she didn't
haf her thumb ofur the lens. I mean, what's the use?

Here's some new pictures of me in this summer of 2006. One is in my own basket that gots room fur me. And some below in my liffing room.