Phelicity: Here's one more to put up. Oh my, we saw so lotsa good movies tonite!

Ginger: I nefur wanted to stop, dey's all so fun an exciting. I luff old movies!

Phelicity: Me too! I almost furgotted DQ was gonna close.

Ginger: Yeah, we got back der just in time. I'm gettin da yawnies now. *slurp*

Phelicity: *slurp* I'm all done. We needs a longgggggggg nap.

Ginger: Wowies, wouldn't it be fun to do dem things in da movies we watch?

Phelicity: Oh, yes! We could act all dem girls' roles. We'd be movie stars!

Ginger: An wear all dem beautipurr gowns....

Phelicity: be in all dem exciting places....

Ginger: sing (yawwwnnnnn)

Phelicity: dance (yaawwwwnnn)

Ginger: Maybe we'll dream about dat.

Phelicity: zzzzzzzzzzz