One day in da Spring......

Littlefoot, Sara, Phelicity and Ginger set out to do der fafurite thing, shopping!

Littlefoot: Wow, dis is da fanciest department store I efur seed. And da biggest!

Sara: Lookit all da bootifur stuff in here. We betfur stay close togeffur, girls.

Phelicity: Yeah, we doesn't wanna get losted. I hardly knows where to start!

Ginger: All da display cases look so tempting. Look, der's jewelry in dat one.

Phelicity: I knows, but it isn't diamonds. My head didn't go Boiinngg.

Littlefoot: It's a good thing we got KeeKee's credick card, Sara. We're gonna need it.

Sara: Specially when we get to da dresses an gowns. I think I want a red one.

Ginger: I need some dressy sandals, too. I hope da shoe department is dis way.

Sara: Dere's a big bed, right in da middle of da department store! Is dat fur takin naps?

Ginger: It might be fur trying out da blankies. Dey are nice, but I'd raffur try on dresses.

Littlefoot: I see purses right around da corner. An mew won't belief what else!

Phelicity: Oooh, I needs a bigger purse wif no cookie crumbs in. What else? Is it diamonds?

Littlefoot: Nope, mewhehe! but it's purrdy good. C'mon, girls, follow me.

Phelicity: Wowies, dere's so many gorgeous gowns! It looks like a rainbow in here.

Ginger: I'm gonna find my fafurite colors, purple an lavender an violet an lilac ... *mewgiggles*

Sara: I nefur saw so many gowns at once. How are we efur gonna choose?

Littlefoot: I put two in da dressin room already. I'm gonna start trying dem on.

Littlefoot: I luff dese colors, it's sunshine an blue sky made outta silk. Dis is elegant!

Sara: Feel how soft dis satin is. I can't decide between dis one an da red one.

Phelicity: Den mew should get dem boff! I gots to haf dis one. It matches my blue eyes so good. *mewgiggles*

Ginger: Isn't dis a gorgeous purple. I luff dis gown, it's all swishy! Hmmmm, I luff da violet one, too.

Littlefoot: An I can't leaf dat pink one behind, eiffur.

Sara: I sposes two wood be enuff, butt, ...

Phelicity: A girl nefur knows how many dresses she might need. It's like diamonds. Mew can't haff too many.

Ginger: It's like shoes. Mew can't haff too many of dem, neiffur. We just need bigger closets, dat's all ....

* * * * * * * *

Much later, four furry happy girls staggered out of da department store wiff too many boxes
an called der brofurs to come help dem carry it all home.


Who said anything bout credit cards? shhhhh. Not us. shhhhhh.

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