Please come an help me celebrate my *koff koff* 17th birffday!

Ginger: Happy Birffday Phelicity! We're taking mew to da Butterfly Palace fur yer special day.

Phelicity: Oooh, how exciting! I been here to Branson befur, but I nefur saw da Butterfly Palace!

E.T.: I read dat it's all glassed in, so da thousands of butterflies almost seems to be outside.

Phelicity: Mew mean da inside looks like it's outside? An thousands of dem??

E.T.: Yup, it sounds spectacular. Let's go see it all.

Phelicity: What gorgeous butterflies der is all ofur! Oh my, I nefur dreamed der was so many!

E.T.: Lotsa blue ones, just fur mew. An lookit dis...

Ginger: Dat one looks like a liddle jacket wiff fur on it! Oh, he's so purrty!

Phelicity: It's like a fairyland in here ... only it's butterfly land!

Phelicity: Dat was wonderpurr! Wowies, it's efening already! Time fur my party, huh? .. Right? ... Yup?....

E.T.: Almost, mewhehe! Let's go back across da road to da hotel and get ready.

Ginger: We got a beautipurr room to change clothes in, it's elegant!

Phelicity: An den where's my party?

Ginger: Mew will see!

Phelicity: Oooh, da party room is soooo purrty, an all pink!

E.T.: We ordered mew a big birffday cake an invited all our furriends.

Ginger: An da cake has icing ribbons on it, we can eat dem wif no guilt. *mewgiggles*

Phelicity: An Blue Bunny ice cream, yummmmmmm. Thank mew efur so fur da luffly party!.

Come on in an get some birffday cake an ice cream!

Thank mew fur joining me to celebrate my birffday!
Come an see my luffly presents!

What a gorgeous pendant, oh my, I luffs it! Thank mew sooo much, E.T. - an fur da beautipurr pink roses, too. Oh, dey's elegant!

Oooh, thank mew efur so, Ginger! Juss smell da perfumies an talcs, it's all so purrty! An what a sweet welcome flag! I'm gonna put it by my garden where da butterflies is!

From my sweet furriends Sara an Keek, thank mew efur so fur dese gorgeous bluuuuee roses an da beautipurr beta fishie! Isn't he colorful? I luffs him, he's my new pet!

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