Ginger: See why I asked mew to come ofur right away? Lookit what E.T.'s doing!

Phelicity: What in da world is it? What's he carrying all dat stuff up in da tree fur?

E.T.: (from in the tree) Bang! Bang! Bang! whirrrrr. Bang! Bang!

Ginger: He's building a treehouse.

Phelicity: He is? Oh, dat's .......uh ...... why?

Ginger: Fur all of us. How are we gonna get up der? I can't climb a tree hardly atall..

Phelicity: I used to could, but I'm no spring kitten any more. I doesn't know!

E.T.: (from in the tree) Don't worry, girls, I'm gonna make an elevator fur mew when I'm done up here.

Ginger: Huh? An elevator? Like at da Mall?

Phelicity: Where mew goes inna box an da door closes?

Ginger: An den yer tummy hits da floor? Dem are skeery!

Phelicity: I doesn't want a elevator to a tree top!

E.T.: No, no, like a nice comfy basket on a rope. I can pull mew up. Just wait, I still got work to do.

Ginger: A tree house! Dat does sound like fun!

Phelicity: It's kinda plain wood, isn't it? No windows?

E.T.: Yes, it's gonna haff a window! (mutter mutter)

Phelicity: Ooooh, windows needs curtains! I can make some purrty blue curtains fur it!

Ginger: An I can bring a soft rug an pillows to sit on.

Phelicity: Hmmm, dis could turn out furry nice! How sweet of E.T. to build us a tree house!

Ginger: Yes, an just think how close we'll be to da birds up der. We can ...uh ..feed dem ....

Phelicity: watch dem .... long as we doesn't try to chase one!

Ginger: Yeah, I don't wanna go *splat* on da ground!

A few days and a bucket of blue paint later.........

Phelicity: Eeeeeek! eeee....eeeee....don't mew drop me, E.Teeeeeek!

Ginger: Eeeeeeeek! eee....oooopseeeee....ooops......eeeek!

E.T. decided he would have to build some steps up to the treehouse, because all the girls' screeching was scaring away the birds .... and, after all .........

Phelicity: Wowie-meows! What furry nice steps dem are!

Ginger: Yeah, dis is more like it! We can climb up der easy now.

E.T.: Come on up, girls. Mew are really gonna luff dis now.

Ginger: Isn't dis nice! I can see lotsa birds close up already!

Phelicity: Oh yes! An .. dat window needs blue curtains. I'm gonna go get dem right now.

E.T.: Curtains. Yup .... uh ..... okay.....den we only need one more thing up here.

Ginger: What's dat?

E.T.: A big tall nipzbeer fur da builder. Mewhehe.

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