Phelicity, the Ice Fairy

We had an ice storm at my house last winter and we had no electricities or heat fur days. It was Zero outside unless it warmed up to freezing. We got furry cold and it was dark most of da time and I was scared. My mom couldn't take me to a shelter, dey doesn't let kitties in. Da hotels didn't haf no electricities, neiffur. I doesn't want to efur be cold and scared again. So I became a ice fairy in my maginations, and my ice fairy will keep da ice storms away from my house. Ice fairies are not cold, cuz dey has a special fairy warmth. And I gots more fur on dan most of dem, too.

If mew liff in a place dat gets ice storms, be sure yer meowmies do dese things:

Keep plenny of fresh batteries fur battery lamps and flashlights. Don't burn candles or kerosene lamps in a closed house. Dey could start a fire and kerosene fumes are not good fur kitties. Kerosene heaters haf da same problem.

Make tents wif blankies on da furniture kitties get on a lot, so dey can crawl under and stay warmer.

If mew haff a fireplace or gas space heater in one room, close off all da doors to da rest of da house and stay in dat one room all da time. If mew don't, and a gas cookstove is yer only heat, dey can leave da oven on fur a couple hours at a time wiff da door of it CLOSED, but longer dan dat will make da wall behind it get too hot fur safety. It cannot be left on ofurnight, much as dey wants to. Dey can bring big kettles of water to a boil on top, and let dem stay dere giving off a liddle warmth. No cookstove ideas are furry good fur long, but it's better dan freezing.

Put da food from da fridge outside or on a porch in coolers or bags so it doesn't spoil. Also kitty medicines dat haf to be kept cold. Keep da water running in a sink at a fast drip or tiny trickle, so da pipes doesn't freeze while da house is so cold. Make it da hot water faucet overnight if your water heater is gas.

Tell da humans to stay dressed in lotsa warm layers and keep a warm hat on der heads efen when dey sleeps, cuz it helps keep der body heat in der body.

Mew kitties spend as much time as mew can in yer meowmie's lap and snuggle under da covers wif her at night, so mew can help keep each other warm. And be more careful not to get under her feets when she's walkin, so mew doesn't get stepped on in da dark!

Dat's good advices from yer ice fairy.