The Court Kitty
    by Phelicity Marie Dauphine

    When I was a kit, I was feisty and fit,
    I was total perfection in fur.
    While other kits tumbled and splatted and stumbled,
    I'd radiate grace and allure.

    The cats in the house, well, they could catch a mouse,
    And that wasn't exactly my scene.
    But the bedroom I started my life in, I guarded
    The door like a warrior queen.

    The oldest- she clouted me, one of them pouted,
    But ever so bravely I stood!
    They all only gazed and brushed past me, amazed,
    That a kit half as big as them could.

    So from that day forward if any went doorward,
    I staked out my spot and my claim.
    I dug in my claws, though I got no applause,
    They would tend to ignore me the same.

    The princess inherent, the heiress apparent,
    A young queen in waiting was I.
    No kit was above them, my way was to love them,
    But where's my respect? I would sigh.

    I'm older and grown and I fear it's well known
    That I'm still rather little and short.
    But as I become queen at the age of fifteen,
    I'm a queen who prepared for her court.