I likes to spend time wif my furmily, but sometimes I am by myself, too. I'd nefur been the onliest kitty at home in my whole life, until my sisfur Mewsette went to Rainbow Bridge. I miss her a lot. On Memorial Day I came to the chapel again to send her some special purrs. I brought pink roses fur her.

Dese are some pictures of just me by myself.

I'm revisiting an old place I went wif my sisfur once, in my new cherry blossoms dress.

Dis is my liddle fringey dress I remade. Dere used to be lots more of it, but I found a scissors.....

Here's a liddle postcard dreamie bout goin to Italy.
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It's been ofur a year now since I lost my sisfur. Dreamies are good, an adventures wif my furmily are fun, but when I am home I still miss my sisfur so much. Mewsette, dese flowers are fur mew. I will always luff mew more dan any kitty in da world.


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