It's February now and we's doin the best we can, it just isn't gonna be the same wifout my sisfur. Ginger an me started lookin fur things to do.

We got some roller skates an tried dem out back here behind the dance studio. It was fun, an purrty soon we was good enuff that we didn't tie the liddle pillows on us wif ribbons no more.

(Anyways the ribbons got .... ummmm ...wet.)

There was still a buncha cold winter left, but it didn't stop us from shopping.

We been goin shopping a lot. We found some good new places.

We got E.T. to take us out to dinner at the country-western place we all likes. Dey gots good barbeque there.

We been practicing our roller skating at the Sweetwater roller rink, and we's gettin good! It's more fun when we gets E.T. to come wif us. I think there might be a big Roller Derby this Spring or summer.

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