The kitties wanted to go to a tropical island for a vacation from the cold winter at home. So they looked at a map of the Bahamas and discovered....

First they took a jet plane to Florida..........

and then they got to take a cruise ship to Cat Island.

E.T.: Dis sure is a big ship! An dey serve great food, too.

Phelicity: Yes, lunch was wonderpurr! Dere mew is! We walked all aroun da deck.

Ginger: I don't wanna miss our furst sight of da island. I think I see somethin!

E.T.: I do too, we must be gettin close now.

Phelicity: Ooooh, I better run back an get my hat an stuff!!

Ginger: I'm soooo ready ... I'll be right here!

E.T.: Here we are. Dis is da beach cottage we picked out.

Ginger: Ooooh, dis is beautipurr!

Phelicity: Wowies, it's a heafenly cottage!

Phelicity: Look how it's right on da beach! Dis is so purrfect.

E.T.: I got da key right here. Lemme go get our luggage from da taxi.

Ginger: I'm so excited! It feels like we been waiting fur dis furefur!