Dese are me onna kitchen counter right under my food cubbard. I was tryin to get my mom to take somethin really good outta dere fur me, like maybe a pork chop. *sigh*

My mom took dis while I was takin her onna walk, how sneaky!!

Dis is me tryin to take a nap in peace !! in mom's tub fulla kitty fabrics.

I was lovin on my paper bag on da kitchen table, an tryin to decide, does I wanna go in dere? Cuz I knows what happens!

Yup, I think I will.

Den I gonna look out ...*flash* right in da eye!!!

Dis is pathetic. *flash* I'll nefur do dis again!!

Nope, not gonna do it. *mewgiggles*

Gonna take a nap on my bluuuuuue nap pad in my bluuuuuuue chair instead.