One Sunday afternoon we came back to dis park by the liddle lake, cuz I just knew I heard honkin ofur here!

Ginger: Dis is so exciting! Who knew der was Canada geese here!

Phelicity: I can hardly belief we found dem! Oh dear, lookit, our bread crumbs is all gone!

E.T.: I'll go get dem bakery bags mew girls left in da car. I gotta feeling der's not much left in dem but crumbs, either. Mewhehe!

We had such a good time! Dem geese sure does like us, I bet dey nefur got French pastry an cheesecake crumbs befur.

Of course we went back to the French bakery next day to stock up again!

Good thing E.T. was dere to help us carry stuffs.

E.T. got me a motor scooter fur my birffday! Lookit how good I got at not fallin off .. I mean at riding it! I took Ginger fur rides too, but we mostly stayed on the grass. Now we's riding on the road in the park, an E.T. rides his motorcycle wif us. It's so fun!

Mew wouldn't belief how good we's gettin at chas...uh, ..finding ducks now! But we knoooooooows dere's bigger bunches aroun close. We's still lookin....

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