April 25, 2007

(Early in the morning)
I can't belief I'm 15 years old today!!
How in da world did DAT happen?!
Well, at least it's a great reason to haf a party!

I'm still trying to decide what to wear.
Lookit, I gotted a box of orchids from a secret admirerer.
My goodness, I wonder who dat is.
I wonder where my birffday party is gonna be.
I wonder when Ginger an E.T. are gonna get here.
I wonder.......eeeeeek! I gots to find a dress!
Oh my, is dat da doorbell? (ding dong!) eeek!
(*flutter* *fwump* *zip*) Where's my shoes? eeek! (ding dong!)
Here I comes!! (plop..plop..plop..plop.......run.......run)

E.T.: Happy birffday, Phelicity! We're taking mew out someplace special.

Phelicity: Mew is? Oh, thank mew! Does I get a party? Where's it gonna be?

Ginger: Mew will see *mewgiggles* Are mew ready?

Phelicity: Yup, I'm alllllllllllllll ready, but where's we going?

Click Here fur my party!!