New Fall Stuff

Mew won't belief what dis is! Ginger an me was shopping fur fall decorations fur da studio dance, when I looked across da street an saw dis car in a classic cars place. It was calling to me! Dis is a 1956 Renault Dauphine. Dat's my own last name, Dauphine!
An it efen matches my blue eyes! So I knew it was mine!

We founded dis big place wif lotsa purrty potted flowers. Ginger actually picked out da flowers fur da dance an had dem delifured. I ran back across da .... I juss wanted to test drive ... ummm... I helped, tho!

I got somethin else impurrtant, too. It's a purrty fall day but when it's cold outside, so is my enclosed porch. See da liddle chiminea wif da fire in it? Now we can play in dere an be toasty warm all winter.

We had fun shoppin fur our Halloween costumes dis year.
See us at da costume shop!

And we visited a skeery Haunted House too!

I was thinkin back to Halloweens past wif my sisfur Mewsette, and later, wif her an our whole furmily. So I made a memories page:
Ghosts of Halloweens Past

I sure has lotsa memories an lotsa blessings. We had a quiet Thanksgifing dis year, but I gotted plenny of turkey! An soon we'll be gettin ready fur Christmas!