Ginger: Wow, lookit all da ducks dat's back in da park already!

Phelicity: Yeah, dey must be comin back from da tropics now dat it's spring.

Ginger: Somma dem look like dey got a suntan layin around on da beach. *mewgiggles*

Phelicity: While we was freezin up here! I doesn't see any white ones, tho.

Ginger: I know, I been lookin fur our own ducks we had last year.

Phelicity: I was hopin dey would be back. I efen got some oyster crackers fur dem.

Ginger: An we been coming efury day wiff breadcrumbs. Der's more an more ducks back.

Phelicity: But no white ones.

Phelicity: Ginger, come quick! I founded dem! Dat one is Gravel Gertie!

Ginger: An dat has to be Myrtle Mae, lookit dat! Mew can tell dey know us. Oh ...

Phelicity: Oh..... oh my. Dey gots babies. Our ducks is mama ducks!

Ginger: Oh, isn't dem cute. So dat's why da girls were late gettin back.

Phelicity: Yeah, dey was busy settin on eggs wif babies in.

Ginger: I guess dey's too busy to come outta da water to see us.

Phelicity: Dem babies look like liddle fluffy birds, huh? mmmm. I mean, oh dear.

Ginger: Da girls do look glad to see us, but ...

Phelicity: Dey doesn't wanna interduce dem liddle ..uh...

Ginger: I think dey gotta point.

Fur some reason, Ginger an me got da hungries fur fried chicken, so we called our brofur E.T. an he took us to dinner at juss da right place!

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