We couldn't decide where we wanted to go fur a fun trip dis summer, we juss knew we wanted to go Somewheres! So we decided to go on a scenic train trip. It's gonna be so fun! Our train is going all da way to da coast, so we can see da ocean again, an coming back thru da cool mountains. We could hardly wait fur Departure Day!

Ginger: Da train's here! Where in da world is E.T.?

Phelicity: He was lookin fur a luggage cart in da station.

Ginger: Mew-hoo!! E.T.!! Ofur here!

Phelicity: Hurry! Dey's ready to board da train!

E.T.: I'm coming! Dis is da second cart full. (I'll nefur know why girls gotta take efurything dey own on a trip.)

E.T.: Okay, efurything else is in da baggage car.

Phelicity: Oh, thank mew! Now we can climb on da train!

Ginger: Oboy, I'm so excited! I can hardly wait till it starts moving!

E.T.: Dis is nice. I like seeing all da countryside out da window.

Phelicity: Yeah, it sure does go whizzin by fast, too.

Ginger: We'll trade off da window seat an boff get turns.

E.T.: I wonder where da kitties in back went, thru dat door a minit ago.

Phelicity: Dere's a dining car back dere, I heard dem talkin.

Ginger: Dining car? We're missing da dining car? Let's go!

Ginger: Isn't dis nice! Here's two empty tables, just waitin fur us.

Phelicity: Hmmm, which side does we want?

E.T.: Let's get da one wif da menus. It'll save time, mewhehe!