Dis is some of my newest dreamies.

Here's a liddle postcard dreamie bout goin to Italy. It's romancey dere, like Spain, I think.

I still has dreamies bout performing in Riverdance. I luffs dancin!

An I specially luffs my Riverdance dreams.

Here's anoffur dreamie. The name of dis ship is the Dauphine. Dat's one of my names. I'd luff to sail to France on it someday and stay at Le Dauphin Hotel in Paris. My ancestors came from Paris, and my own papa's name was Dauphin.

Dis outfit would be purrfect fur the old Le Dauphin.

Maybe I could be a gypsy wif a caravan, dat sounds exciting.
In fact, dis dream came true! Me an my furmily went on a trip
wif a real gypsy caravan! Come see!

Some of my bestest times are ridin on Moonbeam, my pony.

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