E.T.: Happy birffday, Phelicity! Are mew ready to go out to dinner an partying?

Phelicity: Ooooooh, yes, I'm so excited mew's taking me to da Lobster Palace! It's my fafurite place, it's soooo elegant!

Ginger: Mew deserffs da best, mew are da birffday girl. ummm, ...are mew saying which birffday it is dis year?

Phelicity: Oh yes, I'm 14 years old today an I'm purroud of it!

E.T.: An mew don't look a day ofur six, either.

Phelicity: *mewgiggle* I knows. ....... I mean, thank mew!

E.T.: Here we are. Woohoo, looks like dey knew we were comin. Dis must be our table.

Ginger: Mmmmm, lookit dem lobster dinners! My mouff is watering. I'm glad mew picked the Lobster Palace fur yer birffday.

Phelicity: Wowiemeows, me too! Oh, thank mew! What a purrfect birffday dinner, an efen pink champagne! Lookit, Ginger, how purrty it all is!

Come an join us, dere's plenny lobster dinners an Rose' champagne fur all.

Help yourself to birffday cake! Nope, we's not gonna put 14 candles on it,
we doesn't wanna start a fire, mewhehe!

We gots special Blue Bunny Birffday Berry ice creams, too.

Thank mew, E.T. an Ginger fur dese luffly flowers!

Oh goodness, I'm soooo excited! Come see my wonderpurr birffday gifts!

Wowiemeows, E.T. surprised me wif a motor scooter! Oh thank mew efur so, E.T., I'm gonna haf so much fun on that! I can hardly wait to ride it, wheeeeeee!

Thank mew so much, Ginger! Oh, what a purrfect hat fur me, an I needed a purrty tote bag sooo bad! A girl can't get many French pastries into a liddle purse! An such a luffly bracelet, oh wow, I luffs dem gorgeous blue stones!

Thank mew Annie, Ned an Ernie! What a adorable card, I luffs it!

Thank mew Zena, Scraps, Neek an Jordan, this is so luffly!

Thank mew dear Levi an Maggie fur this beautipurr card!

My mom made me my special 14th birffday jewel this year. It's a big sparkley diamond, my birffstone! I put it in my own jewel box wif my 13 offur jewels on The Queens' Jewels. Mine is on top.

Thank mew fur coming to my birffday party! Here's a liddle somethin fur mew to take wif mew. Will mew leaf a pawprint in my guestbook? Thank mew!

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