Ginger an me was tryin on Japanese kimonos one day in a dress shop, an we heard about a new food called Sushi. Dey said all kitties luffs it, an we could find it at a Sushi bar. So of course we asked E.T. to take us to one fur dinner.

Ginger: So dat's what sushi looks like. Aren't dem purrdy liddle pieces!

Phelicity: Yeah, I likes food to be purrty. Dey looks like horse dervies.

E.T.: Let's try one of each. Dis one must be salmon, it's red.

Ginger: Oh, dese are elegant. An so furry tasty.

Phelicity: Dey didn't cook dis fish furry much, did dey?

E.T.: Dey donut cook it at all. Dat's why it's sushi. Mewhehe!

Phelicity: Dey doesn't cook it? But ......

.. I didn't know dat.

Ginger: Here, try dis one. It's yummy!

Phelicity: Okay. I'll juss hold it ofur da candle a few minits to ..ummmm.... see it better.

E.T.: Here, would mew like some saki to wash it down?

Ginger: Oh yes, thank mew.

Phelicity: What's saki? Is it cooked?

E.T.: Uh .... well, dis was real good appetizers. Would mew girls like to go
an get some well-done steaks fur dinner now?

Phelicity: YES!!

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