E.T.: So dis is da new mall. I might look at dem fall jackets while we're here.

Ginger: Wow, it's big! Lookit all da shop doors.

Phelicity: I wants to go in dat one. No! Look ofur dere!

E.T.: I'll only be a minit.

Ginger: So will weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Phelicity: Yup, us toooooooooooooo

Phelicity: What a purrty liddle blue dress. It's summery, tho.

Ginger: An such a purrdy purrple ... oh, dis is lingerie.

Phelicity: Well, we needs dat, too. *mewgiggles*

Ginger: Here's da fall dresses. An lookit, dey got shoes, too.

Phelicity: Oh, what cute liddle blue... does mew see what I see?

Ginger: Dressing rooms! Let's go!

Ginger: Dey haff da purrdiest clothes here. I gotta get dis outfit.

Phelicity: An da shoes are so close by, too. Oh, I luffs dis dress.

Ginger: An so close to da hat shoppe. Wasn't dat lucky!

Phelicity: Let's try on sommore. I see somethin bluuuuue I wants.

E.T.: Well, I found a nice fall outfit fur me. I wonder where dem girls are. I hope dey didn't find a shoe shop!

Ginger: I luff dis sparkley dinner dress, but I dunno. Maybe fur cooler nites I should
get long sleeves.

Phelicity: Hmmmm, dat's a thot. Dis blue satin is a liddle bare. Maybe somethin warmer.....

Ginger: Well, *mewgiggles* all yer dinner dresses are a liddle bare.

Phelicity: I knows, *mewgiggles* It's a good excuse to get a fur jacket, ceptin we gots
purrty enuff furs of our own on.

E.T.: *sigh* I sure been holdin up dis wall fur a long time. Da only hope I got is dey will come out when der starffin. Dat shouldn't take long.

Ginger: I luff dis suit, but da coat's a liddle stiff.

Phelicity: It's such a good color fur mew, tho! Aren't dese plushy fur hats juss elegant?

Ginger: Oh yes, an so soft an warm. Mew look smashing in dat red suit.

Phelicity: Oh thank mew. I think we gots to haf dese outfits!

Ginger: We musta been here a long time. I'm starffin!

Phelicity: Me too! Let's ... uh, ....did we furgot somethin?

Ginger: Eeeek! We furgot E.T.! We tole him we'd only be a minit in here.

Phelicity: Oh dear, mew's right! I hope he didn't giff up on us!

Ginger: Yeah, I hope he found a nice boys' shop.

Phelicity: I hope he didn't get losted. I heard about boys gettin losted in malls ...eeeek!

Ginger: Eeeek! We better run an find him!

Phelicity: Hurry! Hurry!

Ginger: *puff puff* Don't giff up, E.T.!

Phelicity: Here we comes! *puff puff*

Ginger: I thot he was here by da jackets. *sigh*

Phelicity: But dat was so long ago. *sniff*

Ginger: He wouldn't leaf us here. *snuffle*

Phelicity: I know he juss couldn't. *sob!*

E.T.: Donut worry, I found da girls an took dem home. All mew boys know dat
leafing sisfurs in a mall is da wrong thing to do.