The kitties had a dream about one of the first Thanksgivings.
E.T. shot a wild turkey, but the pumpkins and sweet potatoes were still in the garden.
The corn was all dried for winter and there were no cranberries.
Where is the canned stuff? Where is the bread for turkey dressing?
Where are the *sob!* MARSHMELLOWS???

Ginger: What a dream dat was! It was exciting but it was scary!

E.T.: Oh, .. I wouldn't say it was scary ....but I was glad to wake up!

Phelicity: Da girls had to cook efury meal from scratch efury day of da year back den!

Ginger: Couldn't dey go out to restaurants like we do?

E.T.: Nope, der wasn't any. An dey had to grow da food dey ate in dat hard dirt we saw.

Ginger: Dey couldn't go to da grocery store? Don't tell me....

Phelicity: Nope, wasn't none of dem, neiffur. An da boys had to go out hunting efury day to shoot some meats fur dem to eat. Kitties need meat!

E.T.: Dat's right, an it was hard work. Da hunting was good but efurykitty was out der trying to bag dinner at da same time.

Phelicity: Yeah, so days befur Thanksgifing da girls was picking vegables like squashes an pumpkins fur pies, digging sweet potatoes from where dey grew ..

Ginger: Don't tell me .... I bet dey didn't haf marshmellas fur da sweet potatoes, either!

E.T.: Nope, an dey roasted da turkeys over a fire or in a big fireplace, not a nice oven in a modern kitchen. I wonder if dey had stuffing in dem. Hmmm...

Phelicity: I doesn't know, but if dey did, da girls had to bake da bread fur it furst. It must haff taken days to get a Thanksgifing dinner ready!

Ginger: An meanwhile, dey still had to cook all dem other meals!

E.T.: An I didn't see any whipped cream fur da pumpkin pies. Dey probly had to milk da cow for dat!

Phelicity: Eeek! What lotsa work! It's so diffurnt today, I knows one thing I can really giff thanks fur now.

Ginger: Me too, I'm thankful we didn't live back den at da earliest Thanksgifings!

We kitties have so many blessings to be thankful for, and that's only one of them.

Haff a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!