It's January 2010!

We had so lotsa snow at my house dis monff, da onliest way I could go anywheres wiff E.T. an Ginger was if dey came an gotted me on E.T.'s snowmobile! We sure had fun riding around in it, efen if it did look like Siberia out dere. But Ginger says she doesn't wanna be tied on it wiff a bungee cord any more. We draws da line at bungee cords.

E.T.: C'mon girls, hop on an let's get going.

Ginger: Not if mew's gonna tie me on der wiff a bungee cord again!

Phelicity: He didn't! He tied mew on it wiff a bungee cord??

Ginger: He sure did *sniff* Juss so's I wouldn't fall off. I wasn't plannin to fall off!

E.T.: Well, mew would haff fallen off an gone rolling all da way down dat big hill!

Phelicity: Hmmmm. ...fall off or bungee cord. Roll down a hill or bungee cord ... hmmm.

Ginger: Don't worry... I made him throw it away.

Phelicity: Wait! Howcum I got da backest seat? Eeeeeeeeeeek!
Where's... da .... bungee ..... cooorrddddd.....