Welcome! I been trying to start my monffly articles again dis year, cuz I liikes wearing a new dress at da top of each one. But as I gets older, I tends to sleep away a monff here an dere an sorta furgots it. So it might be better to do Seasons instedda monffs. Doesn't dat sound good?

And da furst new season of da year is Spring. Dat's a good start. When Spring comes an mew can tell it came. Which it didn't. *sigh*

Da Spring Dat Wasn't

Dis year has not been behaving like years are sposed to. Whoefur is in charge must be strung out on catnip inna cave somewheres. Dis is not funny. *sniff*

Furst we hadda long long lonnnnggg cold winter. Den we had rain an floods an rain fur weeks an weeks! I kept lookin out da window fur Noah's Ark, an I had my suitcase packed to go get on it!

An da wind ... awfur winds ... I hadda carry my iron around or I wouldda blown away. I didn't dare wear a hat. An I looks like a mushroom inna raincoat. More rains. More colds. It was near da end of May!

Suddenly, wifout any Spring atall, summer was here! It's hot! Wiff tropical winds an more hots! An I can't find my shorts an my sun hat in all da mittens an coats. Anyways, it's hot in my closet. *sniff*

Ginger wants to go to da Mall, but I doesn't got da energies. E.T. wants to go fishin but I doesn't wanna get wet. I been wet fur monffs. So I took a nap, but a week-long nap is my limit. It's still hot.

What happent to Spring wiff da flowers an birdies an balmies? I wants to go where Spring is! But it sprang away somewheres. If mew finds it, purlease let me know. I'll come an visit mew fur awhile. I'm a furry quiet an purrlite houseguestkitty. Mew won't hardly know I'm there. Honest! I'll efen bring my own cat food (yuck) an catnip pillow (boing!). Can I bring my mommy too? She didn't got no Spring neiffur.

      Oh where, oh where has the Springtime gone?
      Oh where, oh where can it be?
      It disappeared between midnight and dawn,
      And went somewheres else wiffout me!
So now I guess it's time fur my Summer article. But I needs a longggggg nap in front of da a/c furst.

(note from mom - this is the last one she wrote.)