It's time fur da County Fair! Oboy! So first, Phelicity and Ginger calmly collected their furry own
ducks at da park, Gravel Gertie and Myrtle Mae. "We's entering mew in da fair", da girls quietly
explained to da cooperative liddle ducks.
Gertie and Myrt only needed a liddle chas.... er, convincing.

We was at da fair early to get our ducks all settled down to be admired.
Meanwhile, E.T. was findin other fun things to do, like....... Eeeeeek!

Da first afternoon, in da Girls' Building, da judging of Baking exhibits took place.
Phelicity entered her buttercake and Ginger entered her pawprint sugar cookies.
Dey was so deelishus, dey both won a First Prize!

Close by in da Garden tent, E.T. entered his biggest and best catnip plant.
Oh my, dat was da biggest one dey efur saw! E.T. won da blue ribbon fur dat!
I wonder if he'll tell his secret fur growing it so big.

Come on in wiff us to spend da whole day and see efurything!