We came to da mountain today to go berry pickin. In June mew can find liddle wild strawberries all ofur, hiding under da leafs.
Dey are sooooo sweet and good!

Here are E.T., Ginger and me wif our berry buckets. We knows right where to look.

E.T.: Wowies, lookit all da berries we got! An dat's besides what we been eating!

Phelicity: Didn't we do good? Oh, Ginger, juss think of all da good stuff we can make wiff dese!

Ginger: I been thinkin dat, too. Like strawberry shortcakes....

E.T.: Yeah, wiff whipped cream.

Phelicity: Yeah, and strawberry parfaits wiff ice cream.....

Ginger: ..an whipped cream ... an strawberry blintzes ...

E.T.: Wiff whipped cream....

Phelicity: Yummmm..... an ..are we gonna stop someplace fur dinner?

Ginger: We better hurry, I'm starffin.

E.T.: An we'll stop to get some whipped cream, too.

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