The Girl in the Mountain
    by Phelicity

    It's closer to the sky on the mountain,
    The way the sunlight filters through the haze.
    I'm closer to the sisfur that I love there,
    The way she loved the mountain all her days.

    I see her in the flowers on the mountain,
    The soft and velvet petals, as her fur
    Was soft and colored, brilliantly vibrant,
    Full of life but delicate, like her.

    I hear her with the birds on the mountain,
    The sweetness of her voice in how they sing,
    The memory of her trills and songs and mewing,
    Her daily chatter in the listening.

    I feel her in the breeze on the mountain,
    The soft, refreshing touch, a kiss apart,
    The whisper as it rushes to the heavens,
    And touches me so closely in my heart.


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