When I See the Angels
by Phelicity

When I see the angels,
will they sparkle just like these?
The angels I remember
on all my Christmas trees?

I'm looking at the lace ones,
the shiny ones I knew,
They all have kitty faces
and paws, they're kitties, too.

I watch the lights, they twinkle
and make the angels bright.
I feel the mem'ries flooding back
On this new Christmas night.

There's some that look like BamBam,
and some look like Mewsette,
And some of course that look like me,
that I must not forget.

It's in this Christmas season
I miss them oh, so much.
I want my sisfurs next to me,
and close enough to touch.

Then I see the angels,
all on my Christmas tree.
And know they have a purpose,
to love and comfort me.