Would mew lookit dat! Winter must be here, cuz I already got snowed in!

Dere I was, all by my lonesome wif nothin to do but bake muffins, when E.T. an Ginger came to rescue me onna snowmobile! E.T. took me fur an exciting ride in da snow! An Ginger, thank goodness, gaffured up some muffins to take home wif dem. Now I can walk in my kitchen again. I'm too liddle to walk outside, I might sink in da snow. I heard dat tennis whackits make furry good snowshoes inna pinch, but I only gots one of dem.

Thank mew fur da fun ride!

Snow should be like dis, not too deep to walk in.

But if it is.... well, we heard about cross-country skiing. If we got skis, we wouldn't gotta ski down hills an break our legs an go Splat! into trees, we could juss ski to each offur's houses. So we's gonna learn how.

I got some purrty blue skis! Now if I can juss get dem on my feets.

Gots a blue ski cap, too. It isn't furry glam, but I'll put it on my head.

An lookit us!
Here's Ginger, me and E.T., an we's skiing!

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