Ginger: Oh my, da Easter Bunny left us da bestest baskets efur! I luff my liddle stuffed bunny! An all da candy! *munch*

Phelicity: I luffs my brown bunny, too! He's juss like da brown bunnies I sees in my yard, but he's my furry own! *munch*

Ginger: Mew didn't get a stuffed bunny, E.T.!

E.T.: I donut want a stuffed one, da extra candies is what I wanted! *munch* *munch*

Phelicity: We has our flowers ready. Shall we go to da chapel now?

E.T.: Yes, let's go. I got some beautipurr roses an lilies to take fur Mewsette.

We always go to Chapel on special days and bring flowers fur our precious Mewsette.
She has been at Rainbow Bridge fur five years now.

What a luffly garden path! We've nefur come this way before.

E.T.: Dis is a nice restaurant! And we'll order anything mew girls want fur dinner. I thought maybe roasted leg of lamb ...

Ginger: An coconut ambrosia pie fur dessert! Da whole pie!

Phelicity: Oh yes, roasted lamb ...yummmm. What a luffly Easter dinner dis will be!

Happy Easter to all our friends and families!