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Phelicity came into my life as a four month old kitten at a cat show in Ft. Worth, Texas 15 years ago. I was looking for her, and she was waiting for me. We knew the minute we saw each other that we belonged to each other. I brought her home to a family of four close related cats, and it wasn't an easy adjustment. I call it the Year-long Kitty War. But she was so sweet and loving, so willing to share, so downright stubborn, that eventually she won them all over. I didn't expect her to stay so little. She's about 6 pounds now and most of it is fur. I didn't expect her to be so loud, either. She does a most impressive, ear-splitting Cockney "Owwwooo", and nobody could ever purr louder than she could. They have all gone on now and only she is left, my last baby, the light of my life. Now I'll go away and let her tell her story. She does it much better.
......her very lucky mom

My name is Phelicity Marie Dauphine and I'm a Blue-point Birman. I was juss a baby in dis picture.

Mom an me traveled to lotsa cat shows when I was furry young an I won some purrty ribbons an rosettes, but I only had a career fur one season. Dis is me on my one-year-old birffday, an I got to retire soon after dat. I'm 15 years old now! Eeeek!
I been lucky an had a furry happy life from da start. I grew up wif four older kitties, and mom always called me da baby. But she still does dat!! *sigh* I'm not a baby, I'm a furry sophisticatted girl now. Honest! See?

I've learned lotsa stuff in my life, I'll tell mew a liddle. When I was only 2, we moved from Texas to a Ozark mountain. I nefur set one paw outdoors in my whole life, but da offur kitties had. After dat is when we was 3 girls, my auntie BamBam, my sisfur Mewsette an me, an we all stayed inside from den on. I learned to eat my foods fast befur BamBam got it, an stake out a window seat early befur Mewsette got it. Dey was furry helpful an made sure I got a good education.

One of da good things I learned was how to use da answering machine, an I was da onliest kitty dat could! I liked to play it to hear da messages dat said "hello Phelicity" at da end. But .. ummm .. den my mom nefur heard da messages when she got home. I guess dat's why da answering machine got put away someplace I couldn't find.

I always helped my mom make purrty things on da table, an sometimes she would stop an take a picture of me dere. Dis can get a liddle annoying, when efury time mew turns around, mew's gettin a picture took of mew. But mew does end up wif lotsa fat albums. (Don't try to eat dem, dey doesn't taste good.) (If mew can find any tissue paper, tho, dat is furry tasty!)

I luffs to dance more dan anything! I been doing ballet an all kindsa dance steps since I was about 2. My mom gets amazed at da way I can really dance. I was much older in dis picture, an mew can see my legs didn't get any longer, so it takes me lotsa practice to dance so good! I was da onliest kitty in da house dat could dance, too. But my sisfur could sing soooooo purrty.

Dis is how I feels to be dancin!

Dese pictures are me(an my fluffy tail, *ahem*), after we all moved again, to da city. It was da last move,
thank goodness! I doesn't recommend moving to anykitty, it is not fun! But we was about to haf some.

I was only 7 when us three girls started on da internet as da Catique Cats. BamBam was already 17 an still in her prime, Mewsette was 13 an she was da Queen, an wouldn't mew know I was still "da baby". We all joined cat clubs an did lotsa new things, an I'm glad we had da oppurrtunities we did. BamBam went to Rainbow Bridge in 2002. She was Mewsette's furmama, an a furry wise an good kitty. After dat my sisfur Mewsette and I got furry close. We did efurything togeffur an I luffed her so furry much.

I was always shy, belief it or not, but my sisfur wasn't. We made lotsa new kitty furriends an we learned to dress up so we could go to parties, an it all got furry exciting! She was partners wif E.T. in lotsa things, an soon we was throwing parties togeffur ourselfs. E.T. got a sisfur, Ginger, so I had a bestest furriend, too. An den, da most wonderpurr thing happened. Mewsette and E.T. fell in luff an got wedwinked, so we was all one big happy furmily. We became da Cat Mountain Kitties, and dem was da most wonderpurr days of my life, and of my sisfur's.

Mewsette had been sick fur a furry long time, an I helped my mom watch ofur her. She was almost 20 years old when she went to Rainbow Bridge in January 2006. She left a big hole in our lives, an nothin will efur be da same wifout her. But I know she is wif da kitty angels now, an she watches ofur me efury day. E.T. an Ginger are my brofur an sisfur now. It was hard fur all of us to go on wifout our Mewsette, so we treasure our happy memories an keep as busy as we can.

It was hard fur me to be an only kitty at home, cuz I nefur had been in my life. But we get older, an life changes, efen if we wish it wouldn't. Dat's how things are. I was furry blessed to haf da kitties in my life dat I did, an blessed wif da furmily an furriends I haf now. An..oh yes, I does got a mom dat takes furry good care of me.

I takes it kinda easy at home dese days, resting up from all our fun new adventures! Yup, I'm still liddle, but my mom says I'm big enough to fill up her heart an her life. So I think dat is really purrty big.

Purrlease come to visit an share our good times!

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