a poem for Phelicity

            You were cherished every day you lived,
            Loved and cherished by a heart so true.
            There will never be another you,
            Nor a love as great as you received.

            There are rooms in hearts for more than one,
            Like a house with many rooms to roam.
            Yet those rooms contracted in my home.
            You had filled them all, and it was done.

            You were cherished on the day you died,
            More than any cat I'd ever known.
            I went on without you, now alone,
            Just beginning time I've grieved and cried.

            In the empty days and nights I give
            Myself, unbidden, to a loss so cruel.
            In the house of many rooms, you rule.
            In the broken heart of me, you live.

December 2011 by Sharon Goodman

First Night

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