Phelicity: What a purrty birffday card. I'm so excited! I'm Sweet Sixteen today!


Where's my cell phone?? Here it is.

Ginger: Happy birffday, Phelicity! We'll come pick mew up fur yer Sweet Sixteen party.

Phelicity: I'm allllllll ready! Is mew gonna pick me up in E.T.'s car? Or yer car?

Ginger: Well, might sorta be a surprise.

Phelicity: Ooooooh, what kinda surprise?

Ginger: Mew will see, we'll be der soon.

Phelicity: Ummmm..... I doesn't need a helmet ...... or my cowgirl boots....does I?

Ginger: Nope. *mewgiggles*

Phelicity: I wonder what I'll be going to my birffday party in! Eeeeeek!!

Lookit Dat!!

It's like a Queen's carriage!

We're coming into da Rose Garden. Oh my, dis is so thrilling!

E.T.: Here we are. We're haffing yer party in da Rose Garden party room.

Ginger: What a gorgeous rose garden! Are mew ready to go in?

Phelicity: Ooooooh......yes, I'm so excited!

Oooh, my party is all set up so purrty! Dat must be my chair wif da number Sixteen in it.
Cuz I must be da onliest one here who's dat ol... er,... special. *blush*

Efurykitty is invited, come on in an get some cake an ice cream!

I didn't wanna burn down my party room wif all dem candles!! *mewgiggles*
Dat's why I gotted numbers. An we gots cherry truffle ice cream, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thank mew fur coming to my party! Here's a souvenir to take wif mew.

I wants to show off my official Sweet 16 birffday portrait.

An my beautipurr birffday presents, look!

Thank mew so much, E.T. fur dese gorgeous roses an my precious sapphire heart!
Oh my, how purrfect, I'm gonna put it on right now!

An thank mew efur so, Ginger, fur my beautipurr pendant - look, it's a queen's crown!
an dese yummy cookies. Dey's almost too purrty to eat. *munch* Almost.

Oooh, thank mew Annie an Ernie fur da luffly gifts! I luffs pearls, dey matches my furs,
an da perfumies smells soooo sweet!

Thank mew to dear old furriends da Crowley kitties (an Frenchie) fur dis beautipurr card!

Goodness, I does feel like a real Queen today!!

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