The Kitty Angels Come

My Phelicity went to join her sisters at Rainbow Bridge,
which we actually interpret as Kitty Heaven, on October 5, 2011.
My three angels are singing together now; BamBam, the soft mezzo-soprano, Mewsette, the operatic high soprano, and Phelicity, the ... err ...slightly loud, a bit off-key, and a little cockney Eliza Doolittle type alto. I can hear them in my heart, and it's the sweetest sound in the world. And of course I hear Phelicity the best, she who was so recently in my arms.

I know exactly what kind of angel she is ... tiny, soft, dressed in silver light, and loud ...
to be sure I can hear her.

I'm reprinting here our Christmas angels poem from about ten years ago.

The Kitty Angels

On a glorious Christmas Night,
The Kitty Angels come,
To sing of blessings joyful, bright,
And loudly, rum-te-tum!

God rest ye, loving humankind,
Who make our lives so dear,
We sing you glorias as one mind,
We sing you love and cheer!

God rest ye, little cats on earth,
And bless the ones in need,
As we sing the Holy Babe's birth,
His help for you we plead!

For on this night, when legend says
No animal is dumb,
But each one worships, sings and prays,
The Kitty Angels come.

* * * * * * * *

Phelicity is with the Angels