I made a liddle Valentine fur da boy of my heart.
It has a Furget-me-not on it, so efen tho he isn't
here wif me any more, it shows dat I didn't furget him
an he won't furget me. I'll see him again someday.
Happy Valentine's Day an Happy Birffday, Mercury.

By da time a girl is my age, almost 15, she may haf had many luffs,
or maybe just one or two. I'm not sayin which girl I am.
But I does luff forefur.

Dis is my second Valentine's Day wifout my sisfur. I been babyin dis amaryllis bulb
all winter, an it has bloomed fur Mewsette. I bring dis fur her.
I luffs mew most of all, Sisfur, juss like always.

E.T. says he has a surprise fur Ginger an me! We decided to make him a Valentine cake while we was waitin. We did purrty good wif a heart shape an got it cofured wif pink frosting. Now we's gonna make flowers on it. Mew does dat by squeezin colored frostings outta rolled up paper cones. It's not easy fur kitty paws to do!

We hadda lick up a few mistakes. Well, maybe lotsa dem. But dis cake is fur mew, E.T......... We's sure curious bout our surprise!

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous pendant E.T. gave me! Thank mew so much, E.T.! Dis is so precious, I luffs it!

Eeek, I luffs dis darling purse wif da liddle hearts! Thank mew, Ginger! An it efen gots baggies in so my snacks won't get it sticky. *mewgiggles*
Are we ready to go?

Come wif me now an see our wonderpurr surprise!