It's da 4th of July!
Come to da airstrip wiff us!

We found an airstrip nearby and decided to take flying lessons! We've had lotsa practice already!
An today.......

E.T.: Here we are. Our flight instructors said we're ready to solo.

Phelicity: What purrty liddle planes we gets to fly fur our furst solo! Dey's bluuuuuue.

Ginger: An dey haff da same name as a cat, da Panther. Won't dis be exciting!

E.T.: Dis is gonna be great. Dey are jet planes, girls. Dey fly furry fast. Mew sure mew are ready to solo?

Coming in fur a landing now!

We still haff a good formation, too.

Roger dat. Pilot to tower... we are approaching da runway.

E.T.: We'll stop and get some hamburgers on da way to da fireworks display.

Phelicity: Oh, I doesn't know if I can eat, I'm still soooo excited!

E.T.: What? Mew girls aren't starffing?

Ginger: Me neiffur, what a thrilling day! I haffn't thought about food..

E.T.: I can't belief I'm hearing dis. Well, let's go.

Phelicity: Uh ..maybe one burger, wiff bacon on.

Ginger: Or maybe two, if dey haff cheese ....

Happy Independence Day to All !