Welcome! It's my 18th birffday today, and I get an exciting trip and a special celebration!

E.T. an Ginger asked me was der anything special I'd like to see or do fur my birffday. I said...

Phelicity: I wants to see a Tibetan yak is what! I always always wanted to see one, an I nefur nefur did. In 18 years! *koff* Almost.

Ginger: My goodness, why a Tibetan yak?

Phelicity: I doesn't know, I juss wants to... Dey sounds furry exotic.

E.T.: Hmmmm .. well, I wonder where we might find one. Wait, der are animals from all ofur da world in da zoo!

So E.T. and Ginger planned a birffday trip to a zoo. Welllllllllll......... da onliest zoo
dey could find wiff a Tibetan Yak is in Alaska! It's not easy to get to Alaska from here,
but we gets to go on a private plane straight to da zoo!

Phelicity: What? I has to pack a suitcase fur my birffday?

Ginger: Dat's right. An bring a jacket.

Phelicity: What? A jacket? But it's nice warm Spring finally!

Ginger: Well, bring one anyways. An yer party dress.

Phelicity: Whew! So I am gonna haff a birffday party?

Ginger: Oh, of course mew are gonna haff a party! A surprise party!

Phelicity: Where?

Ginger: Dat's da surprise. *mewgiggles*

Wow, we's really here!

Oh my, dat polar bear is big! An der's jillions of dem up here!

Yeah, and mew donut wanna get too close, dey are kinda mean!

Lookit, da reindeer gots white feets, juss like me!

Ooooh, I nefur saw a Snowy Owl befur! Mew spose he dropped any feathers dat we might ....umm.... borrow?

EEEK! *whispurr* Is dat a snow leopard?

*whispurr*Oh my goodness. He's forty or thirty times as big as us!

*shhhhh* Don't wake him up. Let's go back dis way.

Phelicity: At last! A real Tibetan yak! Oh, he's so.... so......

Ginger: uh .... loose... an coming dis way.

E.T.: *mewhahahaheeheehaha..*

Phelicity: Mew hush, E.T.! I'm not skeered! Honest!

Phelicity: What a fun day! Thank mew fur buying me dis little stuffed yak fur my own! Bout da onliest animal we didn't see is a whale. I nefur nefur saw a whale.....

E.T.: *mewgrin*

Ginger: *mewgiggles*

Phelicity: An now we's going to my birffday dinner party at ... uh .......where?