We likes to be lazy in da summertime, juss go on picnics an go pond fishin, stuff like dat.

My patio is nice fur invitin E.T. an Ginger ofur. We'll go bring some fried chicken fur supper. Or I goes to their house, cuz E.T. likes to grill! But it's gettin hotter an hotter out.

So I asked E.T. if he would come help me clean up my enclosed porch room, cuz it was allllllllllll fulla boxes an racks an foldie stuffs an mess! I was really tired of all dat mess dat my mom .... uh .... umm...... dat gotted in my way. We cleared it all out. I sorta pointed an E.T. carried.

Ginger brought ofur a nice big platter of sammiches an some raspberry iced tea, an look how much nicer da porch room is fur us now!

We took part in Wet And Wild 2 at BFCC! Dat's why we came to dis goldfish pond. We didn't wanna really get wet! Be sure to visit
It's lotsa fun wif whole lotsa kitties, and mew will find out if I got to keep dat goldfishie I snitch. ...uh...... borrowed.
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