Another New Year

My sisfur Mewsette is an angel now, but I like to start a new year seeing her close to me the way she is in my heart. New years always start in the winter, and winter is when I lost my sisfur. I'm starting a third one by myself, but she is up there in the stars.

Winter brings snow, so sometimes it's purrty. This is me being a winter girl.
But I'll be happy when it's warm again.

I decided to write a new page fur efury monff dis year. Sorta like turning a new leaf, cuz I likes to do that. May some leafs efur come back, purrlease. Here's my pages:

January - New Years Resofurlutions

February - Romancies (what else?)

March - March is too strange!

April - All About Birffdays

May - Da May Dat Didn't Come

June - Da Porch Pots

An dat's all da columns I gotted done fur 2008, is dat pathetic or what?? I gots a excuse-me, cuz my mom was all crazy an grumpy da whole rest of da year an doin politickital stuffs steadda lettin me on da puter!! I doesn't efen know what dat is, I juss knows it puts humans in a furry bad mood. Well, my mom is Still in a furry bad mood, so I gonna giff her till June to perk up an den start my columns again fur 2009. Fur July. *sigh*
I hope it works!!