At last! The Big Closet!

Phelicity: I'm glad mew could spend the night, Ginger. We'll be up bright an early to go shopping.

Ginger: Yes, it'll be good to get out to da shops again an see what's new.

Phelicity: That's da best part of cleaning up my closet. Now I gots room fur lotsa new clothes!

Shopping Day

It's purrty cold out, let's go in here to look at gowns an warm up.

Phelicity: I'm wearin this dress fur my dinner date wif Mercury. Mew think I should wear the feathered jacket?

Ginger: Oh, mew can nefur go wrong wearing feathers. *mewgiggles*

I did haf a luffly time wif Mercury on our date fur his birffday, which is also Valentine's Day. Mew can see it Right Here. An he gave me this beautipurr Valentine rose.

I got me a new blue flamenco dress, too! I'll be alllllll ready fur the next Dance Night at the studio.

Come see my dressing room, too!

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