Ginger: I'm so excited! E.T. is taking us on a trip to Paris! An we're leafing tomorrow!

Phelicity: Yeah, an we's gonna look up where some of my Birman ancestors in Paris was, too!

Ginger: Won't dat be cool? Are mew about packed?

Phelicity: Purrty close. I really tried to make it wiff less suitcases, honest!

E.T. Yeah, Ben, I can't belief I'm doing dis, either. Mewhehe! But da girls are thrilled. Juss think how quiet dey will be fur a long time after we get back from dis trip.


Uh .... yeah ..... scratch dat.

Ginger: We're here! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

E.T.: Dis airport reminds me of a space ship, wow!

Phelicity: It sure was a long flight! It's night already in Paris!

Ginger: Yeah, it must be dinner time. No wonder I'm starffing!

E.T.: It is. Da time got later an later on da way, too. Soon as we check in to da hotel, we'll go get dinner.

Phelicity: I can hardly wait! We's staying at da Dauphine Hotel, dat's my last name! It's after my papa, da great Dauphin

E.T.: Da driver says we're on da Champs Elysee.

Ginger: Da who did we say?

E.T.: An dat's da Arc de Triomphe up ahead.

Phelicity.: Like da golden arches? Oooh, dey's much purrtier in Paris.

E.T.: Yup. Da words are purrtier, too. *secret grin*

Ginger: Wow, da hotel really does haff yer last name on it, Phelicity. Did dey name it fur yer papa?

Phelicity: Oh, I'm sure dey did! It's da Saint Germain section of Paris. I can hardly belief dis, it's like a dream!

E.T.: It sure does look nice, too. I'll help da taxi driver wiff our luggage. Mew girls go on in.

Ginger: What a elegant lobby! It doesn't look old to me.

Phelicity: No, but it was built in da 17th century. I'm not sure what dat was, but I wasn't borned yet.

E.T.: Let's go on up to register. Der's da desk, up on da landing.

E.T.: We sure got a great view of Paris from our rooms!

Ginger: Yeah, der's da Eiffel Tower. Can we go see it tomorrow?

Phelicity.: Oh, I hope so, furst thing! After some French food, of course.

E.T.: Why don't mew girls get changed fur dinner, an I'll make a phone call. Holler if mew unpack yer French dictionery. Mewhehe!