by Phelicity

My sisfur Mewsette was the most beautipurr, graceful and elegant kitty I efur knew. She was wise and good and loving, and I learned everything I know from her. I was so lucky to haf her wif me fur my whole life. She was Queen around here, and I knew that all my life, too. She ruled our house. In our last years togeffur as we got older, we became closer sisfurs and I luffed her furry much. She went to Rainbow Bridge January 17th, and now I miss her so awful much. I lay in the places she used to lay and still feel her close to me. She was the bestest in the world, and I am so purroud she was my sisfur.

We were in CLAW fur 7 years and both of us was group leaders. Mewsette luffed her group and luffed being partners wif her E.T.. We both held the rank of Princess 3. We had diffurnt goals and diffurnt opinions on some things, and mostly worked individually like we'd started. She wanted to write poetry and stories, make speeches, go on hunts, and be loud and active in causes fur cats. I was more shy, I just wanted to teach and play and haf fun. But she was always purrtective and watchin out fur me. She loved gifing things to offur kitties, and what she gave most of was herself.

She always tried to shine in efurrything she did, but she wouldn't put up wif no nonsense, eiffur. She was more than a calico, she was a firey redhead, too. She had flashing green eyes, a great dramatic flair, and how she luffed to sing! We always said she could shatter glass but we was kiddin, she nefur really broke one. I don't think. I haf pictures of her performance as Musetta in the opera, La Boheme, below on the right, and her virtuoso Madama Butterfly on the left.

She was a great actress as well, and she loved performing. She won Best Supporting Actress as the Sultana in the CLAW production of Aladdin. We liked visiting fantasy places and beliefed in hafing big dreams. We was wanting to do more things togeffur, and it was about to happen.

Life was lotsa more fun fur us after we met E.T.. Oh my, how we all luffed to dress up and go places! Mewsette and E.T. were so much alike; dey had both been outdoors in early life, dey both luffed to hunt and go fishing and camping, and go out dancing at Texas honky tonks. She liked all the things he did, efen nipzbeer. Dey threw the furst big party at Cat Mountain Lodge, and when Ginger joined his furmily that year, we had a bestest girlfurriend too. We all went back there for Christmas two years ago.

The four of us went on wonderpurr trips and had the bestest times! We saw the ocean fur the furst time at Prince Edward Island, and how she luffed that! She luffed to wear green or red and she luffed hats, but she only wore shoes when she had to. She luffed flowers and liked to wiggle her toes in grass and sand, she could still climb a tree lickety split, and we sure had to watch her close when there was birds around. She was sophisticatted but she was still a country cat at heart. We had birffday parties and Mardi gras parties and New Year's parties. She luffed it all.

There was offur parties to go to, and we was all dancing. Mewsette luffed the Spanish dances she and E.T. had been out doing, and soon we all did. And she and E.T. had been falling in luff fur a long time. When we all went on our Flamenco dancing tour of Spain, I knew. I gots radar fur some things. I was the tour director, so I had dem purrform all the couples dances fur the rest of it, and dey was magnificent! E.T. kept her room full of red roses and dey was always sneakin off to balconies togeffur. By the time we got home, my sensible, outspoken, clearheaded sisfur had turned into a girl wif mush in her head that hardly knew her name.

We was so excited getting ready fur her 19th birffday! Mewsette had been sick fur a long time by then, but she was getting good care and managing well. She was about to begin the happiest time of her life. Dey became winks on her birffday, and E.T. purrposed to her one night when we was all on our trip to Mexico. Dey told me and Ginger the next day, and we was soooo excited! We went out dancin wif the Mariachi boys that night, cuz we figgered my sisfur and her brofur found anoffur balcony.

Things moved fast cuz dey wanted to get wedwinked right away. Befur we knew it, Ginger an me was in bridal shops tryin on bridesmaids dresses an sewing the train on Mewsette's wedwink gown. They was wedwinked on May 15, 2005, an it was all the most beautipurr thing I efur saw.

After dey got back from their honeymoon in Hawaii, dey moved into the lake house that E.T. had built fur dem. Dey had waited so long to get to be togeffur all the time, that's what dey wanted to do. Ginger and me was ofur there a lot an we had our own room, so we stayed ofurnight sometimes too. We had lotsa cookouts on the patio, picnics and fun at the lake. It was a happy house, so full of luff, it made us all happy.

We put on a big dance recital at Cat Mountain, and I was so purroud of their dance purrformances. I haf a feeling dey kinda enjoyed practicing at home, too. Efurry monff on their wedwink anniversary, E.T. would take her off on a wonderpurr trip somewhere. She was always so excited and she always said he was the bestest wedwink in the world. Mew could see how dey luffed each offur more and more, and how it made her shine.

In the Fall there was more fun stuff to do. We got ready fur Halloween at the lake house, and on our furmily Thankgifing, Mewsette cooked a wonderpurr turkey dinner. Of course we helped, but wow, this was a girl who couldn't cook nothin but fish onna campfire not long ago! We all went back to Cat Mountain Lodge fur a weekend in the Fall. She wanted to see the mountain again.

We all went out togeffur a lot. Mewsette would giggle and shake her head at me fur battin my eyes at boys and losin my shoes so much, but she kept a purrtective eye on me and Ginger. We had a wonderpurr family Christmas togeffur and a great time going to New Year's Eve parties and dances. We threw a party ourselfs at the Crystal Ballroom. Dey taught classes at our dance studio, too. I luffed to see my sisfur dance. She was tall and graceful, she was the best, especially when she danced wif her true luff.

My sisfur was almost 20 years old when she had to leaf us, and she had such a long, rich, happy life. I know that, but I will always miss her so much, and she will go on dancing in my heart furefur.

Roses fur my sisfur
wif all my luff, Phelicity

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