Here comes the chorus line to open the show!

Left to right: Ginger, Scraps, Tiffany, Misty, Annie, Littlefoot, Phelicity.

Left to right: April, Sara, Princess Sparkle, Storme, Niki, Maggie, Pumpkin.

Left to right: Freya, Maddie, Chrissy, Fern, Neek, Zena, Twinkles.

In the daytime, in the nighttime,
Ain't we got fun!
Now it's showtime, that's the right time,
Ain't we got fun!
We come out dancin, and we're haffing a ball.
Not like romancin, but it don't matter at all.

We'll be movin, we'll be groovin,
We gots da beat!
Tappin for us in a chorus,
Makes happy feet.
We're haffing fun an
No better way to bring boys runnin....
It's fur certain good as flirtin,
Ain't we got fun!

How's it happen, kitties tappin,
We'll never tell!
We love training fur entertaining,
And we do it swell!
In purrfect rhythm, just lookit us kick!
When we dance with 'em,
Boys think we're quite a trick!

We gets giggles doin our wiggles,
And hear us sing!
Shuffle tap step, we're so fulla pep,
It's a kitty thing.
There's nothin better,
We're not sittin home an knittin no sweater....
Give us dancin, shows and prancin,
Ain't we got fun!