When I Was Seventeen

by Phelicity

            When I was seventeen
            It was a furry good year,
            It was a time fur travels to tropical isles
            and Paris in Fall,
            The clothes and perfumes
            And foods I've seen!
            When I was seventeen.

            When I was only two,
            I had such happy, fun days,
            All safe and secure in my mommy's love
            and my innocent ways,
            And I'd never dreamed
            What a kitty could do
            When I was only two.

            When I was ten or so,
            I was mature, not so shy,
            I had wonderful friends and a few lost loves,
            no wallflower, I,
            And no time to cry
            With my life all aglow
            And many places to go.

            When I was just fourteen,
            I was a dancer, a Star!
            I danced the classic ballets and Broadway shows,
            they raved from afar.
            And I drove my own car,
            A blue Dauphine,
            When I was just fourteen.

            Now I am eighteen years,
            And what a life I have seen!
            I've had adventures and prizes and accolades
            all fit fur a queen,
            And a lifetime of love
            That erased all fears
            Is mine at eighteen years.

            So as my time goes on,
            And I'm determined it will,
            I may dream peaceful dreams or stand up and sing
            on the highest hill.
            Keep watching me now,
            In each blue-gold dawn,
            And I will always go on.

            Phelicity Marie Dauphine


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