Mewsical Dreams

New dance purrformances and more!

Phelicity purrforms a number from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Ginger does a special tap dance solo.

Dis is me, Phelicity, doing my modern dance purrformance like Isadora Duncan.
Cept I wears a gown to do Isadora.

I'm singin a song in dis one. Now, no remarkies bout my singin, it's juss a liddle song.

Giff me a Liddle Kiss
sung by Phelicity

Giff me a liddle kiss, will mew, huh?
One liddle whisker kiss, will mew, huh?
Gosh oh gee, why does mew refuse?
I can't see what mew's gonna lose.

Giff me a liddle squeeze, will mew, huh?
If I says purrty pleeze, will dat do?
I wooden say a word if I was askin fur da world,
But what's a liddle kiss between a kitty boy an girl?

So giff me a liddle kiss, will mew, huh?
An I'll giff it right back to mew!