Mewsette crossed over to Rainbow Bridge January 17, 2006.
In our sorrow and tears, we can hardly think how to go on
without her. We loved her so deeply and we miss her so much.
Please visit her Memorial pages, and thank you for coming.

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Join us at the Crystal Ballroom to ring in the New Year 2006!

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Grande Opening of the Princess Dance Studio!
Purrprietors Phelicity and Ginger

Phelicity and Ginger star in The Ballerinas

The Cat Mountain Dance Recital!
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The Wedwink of Mewsette and E.T.!
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Click on this picture to visit "Our Romance". Yes, Mewsette and E.T.
became winks on her birthday, and E.T. proposed in Mexico.

Come with the Cat Mountain Kitties on our very special trip to Mexico!

Join us on our Flamenco Dancing Tour of Spain!

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