I'm so excited! Today is my 19th Birffday! Come on in to my party!

Ooooh, what a beautipurr birffday cake! Furriends are starting to arrive already.
What a luffly party dis is!

Left to right: Fox, Annie, Ginger, Spud, Scully, Ernie, Phelicity, E.T., Zena, Scraps, Neek, Sara, Rufus, Jordan

We got pink champagne and a dance floor, too!

Help yourself to birffday cake an Blue Bunny ice cream, my fafurite!

Dese saphire roses is jess fur mew,
We picked dem becuz dey is bluuuuue,
Dey is furry rare an beautifur too,
But not as rare an beautifur as mew.

Happy Burfday. We hope all mewr dreemies is comes tru.
Luff & purries, Sara & Rufus

Oh, thank mew Sara and Rufus! What gorgeous blue roses, and I luffs yer sweet poem!

Eeeek! Eeeek! E.T. builded me my furry own goldfish pond in my back yard! Oh my, what fun! Thank mew, E.T.!

Lookit how purrty! Thank mew efur so fur da beautifur fishie pendant, E.T., an oh Ginger, dat is da mostest adorable purse I efur saw! Thank mew so much!

Oh my, how furry purrty! Thank mew my sweet furriends fur da luffly water lilies! Won't dey look purrfect in my pond! An dey's bluuuuuuuuue!

Oooooooh, it's a wonderpurr pond, E.T.! Lookit all da purrty liddle fishies in it!

All my love, mom

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