Ginger, E.T. an Phelicity are goin out to pardi fur Mardi Gras!

Ginger: Wow, lookit dis! Lookit all da food .. an colors .. an food.

E.T.: We heard right, dis looks like a great party goin on.

Phelicity: I knew it, I dreamed about it! Listen to da happy mewsic.

Ginger: Well, I found my purse an straightened my ruffles.....

Phelicity: *mewgiggles* I dried my feathers an .. what's E.T. doin?

Ginger: (whispurr) We shouldn't haff giffen him dat double nipzbeer holder.

Phelicity: Oohhh. Well, he wouldn't sneak off an leaf us. Not at da food.

Ginger: Nope, he knows what we can do. *mewgiggles*

Grab a mask, come on in, an let's party!

Happy Mardi Gras!

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